A real estate video can be a powerful tool for marketing a property. It can feature interviews with current or past clients, respected business leaders, or other people in the real estate industry. The important thing is to make the video relevant to the audience. To make a real estate video successful, you must ensure the relevance of your content.

Techniques for a successful real estate video production

Real estate video production can be a powerful marketing tool. The key is to make it engaging and enticing for your audience. There are several techniques to make your videos effective. You can include interactive elements in your video, such as CTA buttons and clickable links to listing information.


A wide-angle lens will help your viewers see the whole room in a single shot. An on-camera microphone will also help reduce distortion. It is also helpful to use a tripod or selfie stick, which will help you hold the camera steady in a shaky environment.


Proper lighting is essential. You need good lighting to make your real estate video look professional. If you are using a smartphone, ensure that it is well-lit. The quality of the video can make a difference between success and failure.

Cost of real estate video production

The cost of real estate video production can vary greatly, depending on what you want in the finished product. Whether you want a simple video to showcase your property, or a complex video with special effects, the cost will vary accordingly.


A professional real estate videography company may charge anywhere from $200 to $400 for a basic production. This price usually includes 5 retouched photos and 5 minutes of aerial footage. Depending on the complexity of the project, you may want to opt for a higher or lower budget, or a mixture of both.


Real estate videos are highly effective marketing tools that can increase your sales. They can help you get a higher click-through rate, increase your email list and expand your exposure to new clients.


A recent study by an Australian real estate group showed that listings with video marketing received 400% more inquiries compared to those without. In addition, video and sound have the power to establish a sense of place that can be remembered in seconds.


Why do I need it?

Video production is an important aspect of real estate marketing. Potential buyers spend an increasing amount of time on digital devices, and if you want to reach them, you need to have a quality video to showcase your property. Potential buyers will use their phones to research the homes they are interested in, so it’s important to create a quality video that will capture their attention.


Your video should be SEO optimized, and you should focus on aspects of real estate marketing that are essential to your audience. For example, you can include relevant hashtags in your video. These hashtags direct those searching for a certain term to the appropriate video. It is also important to be fun, as people’s attention spans are decreasing rapidly.


How will it help?

A well-made real estate video will help your listing stand out in the search engines. This type of video is often optimized for search engines like Google, and should target crucial aspects of your listing. Include keywords in the title, description, tags, and other areas.


In addition, include CTA (call-to-action) links and lead capture forms. Then, when someone views your video, they can easily submit their contact information and request more information.


Using real estate videography when selling your home can capture the emotions of potential buyers. While words and images are limited in their ability to evoke such an emotional response, real estate videos have this benefit. They’re also a great way to showcase past clients, properties, and more. A good real estate video should be professional and of high quality.


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