Everything You Should Know as a Phone Repair Technician in Sydney

Are you looking to be or currently are a technician in Sydney looking for tips to advance your skills and profession? This article will cover a few tips teaching you everything you should know about making your cell phone repair business advanced and professional.


So whether or not you are new to the game or experienced, this article is for you.


First and foremost, rules are made to be followed. And you should always follow the rules of your profession. Doing this will keep mistakes and failure at a minimum and also keep your customers happy and satisfied.


Keeping all your tools on hand


This section is all about your workstation. Having the right tools at the right time is essential for your business. Creating fantastic workstations starts with purchasing even the “specialised” tools for the occasions when additional help is necessary for the repair. Needless to say, all common tools should already be on hand and ready for your use.


Great technicians have the right equipment ready, so when a customer comes in needing a repair, the project can be quickly carried out. This also makes the job of the technician easier and less hectic. And working full-time as a phone repair specialist is already busy enough!


Mantling and dismantling phone parts


Here is one of the greatest tips to follow as it will really help you through those tricky times when you might forget how to mantle the phone back after you have taken it apart for its repair. Memorise how you take the phone apart, each step! That way, when you put it back together, you can just follow the same steps in reverse. That way, you won’t have to stop and waste time looking up the “how-tos”. These tips are great and will keep you from making a dreaded mistake.


The liquid crystal display (LCD) is a very fragile part of the phone. So when dismantling a phone, always remember to be cautious and take your time. You don’t want to damage the LCD as it is also not cheap to replace.


Safety measures: Screws


Carelessness when it comes to those tiny parts called screws always spell disaster. Dealing with screws can be a hassle since they move easily and can roll of the work table or disguise beneath or behind an object. It’s super easy to lose screws so what do you do? In this case, it’s best to be extremely attentive and careful by organising the different screws and putting them somewhere where they can’t roll or get lost. You also need to pay close attention to where each screw goes and never mistake one screw for another. If you try to put a screw somewhere it doesn’t go, you can easily damage the slots in the phone.


So don’t be careless and follow the safety precautions!


Training courses available for those looking to become certified


If you are new to the business as a technician or looking to become a phone repair technician, then there are also many training courses available to you. By enrolling in a course, you can acquire the skills you will need to become certified and start your business or career. The course will start out with the basics and gradually excel into more difficult training. Do thorough research about the courses available to you and decide which one fits you the best.


Last but not least – keep your station clean!


Is this perhaps the best tip out there? It goes without saying that keeping your workstation clear and clean and tidy is essential for the entire process of work as a phone repair technician. An unorganised solace is a disaster and will make your repair work a lot more difficult. Your workspace, whether clean or dirty, will also reflect you as a technician. How do you want to be seen by your customers? Cleanliness, no matter the field of business, will always look appealing to more customers!


Having everything where it should be, you’re also creating an environment that helps you succeed by allowing you to work quickly and take on more jobs. At the end of the day, you will also be feeling a lot less stressed. So you won’t be needing those headache medications.


Follow the tips in this article to become a high-ranking technician at PTC phone repairs in Sydney that people will write good reviews about. Bringing in customers and gaining customer satisfaction is not always easy but just these tips alone will help you to build your confidence – as well as your clientele!

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