Z-Fold Brochure Printing

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So called for its zigzag appearance, the z-fold is one of the simplest and most effective pamphlet designs. When combined with an appealing cover, this easy, concertina-like fold encourages readers to open up your pamphlet and digest information at a glance.
Types of Z-Folds
These pamphlets typically feature three panels on each side of the page, for six panels total. The panels are separated by two vertical folds that open in opposite directions, creating a 'z' shape when viewed from above. Z-folds typically open from left to right and can be printed in both portrait and landscape.
Pamphlets with more than three panels on each side can extend the z-fold by adding more alternating folds, such as four-panel 'm-folds' or accordion folds.
Why Choose Z-Folds?
These pleated pamphlets entice readers to open up the cover and can be easily flattened out to display the full width of the pages. They are well suited to brochure designs with large images that flow across panels, as well as for presenting step-by-step information in sequential panels.
Because the folds do not nest, and all panels can be the same width, z-fold pamphlets are easy to prepare. One disadvantage is that they can be more prone to folding open than other pamphlets, though this depends on the paper stock used.
Preparing Z-Fold Pamphlets
When preparing artwork for z-fold designs, you should always keep in mind the direction of each fold. For conventional left-opening pamphlets, the front cover should be the right-most panel on the first page, which will open to reveal the first and second panels of the opposite page. The back cover should be the far right panel on the opposite page, which in turn opens onto the first and second panels of the first page.
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