"Our business has become very successful using this form of advertising, with more than 60% of our bookings attributed to our letterbox flyer's."


With the automatic LDN booking system, Melinda Carter from Toothkind was able to plan, quote, and book a letterbox campaign for her dental practice quickly and easily at a time that suited her.

“We are a new business and have been using LDN for the distribution of our advertising flyers. The staff at LDN have been wonderfully helpful in organising areas for us to distribute. Our business has become very successful from this way of advertising with more than 60% being from our delivery of flyer's. We would highly recommend this form of advertising especially for a new business” Says Melinda.

Melinda has now booked over 10 jobs with LDN this year alone, and has further plans to continue using LDN to grow her business with letterbox advertising.



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