Terms & Conditions

Local Direct Network services are subject to the Salmat General Terms and Letterbox Product Terms. These documents outline what you can expect from Salmat when accessing our services. The full terms can be found here:

Without limiting our Terms and Conditions, we draw to your attention the following key conditions upon which Salmat’s letterbox services are provided:

  • Your materials will be collated with the materials of other customers and be distributed in the course of Salmat’s normal scheduled distributions.
  • Your materials will be distributed by independent contractors who are not directly supervised by Salmat. Salmat does not accept responsibility for any delays or incorrect or failed deliveries. Salmat does not guarantee that every household within the agreed distribution areas will receive materials at all, or all materials in a delivery bundle. Matters such as lack of unimpeded access, safety issues, inclement weather, “no advertising material” directions, full letterboxes, and incorrectly labelled quantities are just some of the factors that affect the household delivery rate.
  • The household delivery rate is also affected by unallocated areas. That is, at any point in time, a particular area may not have a contractor assigned to it, and therefore, your materials may not be delivered in that area. Our charges are ALL INCLUSIVE and the fact that some areas may not be allocated does not entitle you to a refund to all or a part of the service or print charges, even if a particular area has been unallocated for a long period of time. Excess stock is not controlled and cannot be returned.
  • The above service limitations and conditions have been factored into the price of the distribution service.
  • You must ensure that your materials are bundled and/or labelled in the manner specified by Salmat (refer Annexure A), including any maximum weight requirements, and delivered to Salmat within the time frames specified by Salmat.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the materials which you give to us to distribute or otherwise work with do not contain illegal or offensive content, do not infringe the rights of any third party and do not breach any law. Salmat reserves the right to reject any materials for distribution.
  • In the case of the provision of print and design services it is your responsibility to check the proofs provided by Salmat to you before printing.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing as a result of Salmat’s credit approval process, Salmat requires payment of its charges before providing any services.
  • Salmat does not guarantee the outcome of any marketing campaign of which the distribution of your materials forms part.
  • Salmat will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage to your materials. As with any delivery carrier, risk of loss or damage remains with you and you must insure your Materials.
  • All stock received at a Salmat warehouse that is in excess of the agreed quantity required for a distribution or number of distributions over a given period of time, will be destroyed and recycled at Salmat's discretion after that last distribution date unless the Client gives prior written disposal instructions to the contrary to Salmat.
  • If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service, then you should provide a substantiated written claim to Salmat within 14 days of the distribution.

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