Roll Fold Brochure Design and Print

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Roll Fold, Trifold or letter fold pamphlets are an ideal way to communicate a large amount of information without overwhelming the reader. These pamphlets fold out in an intuitive sequence to present readers with all the details they need in the desired order.
Roll Fold Pamphlet Layouts
Roll Fold pamphlets feature at least three panels on each side, separated by parallel folds that open in the same direction. The result is a pamphlet that opens and closes like a spiral, an effect that is enhanced with the addition of more folds and panels.
However many panels you choose to include, only the front and back covers will be visible when the brochure is closed. The remaining panels stack on top of the back cover.
Pros and Cons of Roll Fold Designs
Trifold pamphlets are one of the most popular options for marketing, as they offer the flexibility to include as much information as you need in easy-to-follow steps. Readers drawn to your cover design will open up the pamphlet and follow through the presentation in the right sequence, before reaching the call to action and contact details on the final panel.
The popularity of this type of pamphlet can also be a downside however, as you will need to make sure yours stands out on the rack if your competitors are also using trifolds.
How to Prepare Roll Fold Pamphlets
In order for the inside panels to fit neatly, they will usually need to be less wide than the outer panels, and width will continue to decrease as more panels are added.
When preparing your designs for printing, the front cover should be positioned at the far right of the first page and should also be the largest panel, decreasing in size each time until the smallest internal panel on the left side of the page.

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