Print plays an important role in the success of any letterbox advertising campaign. Everything from paper thickness and print quality to the coating on the flyer needs to be considered. LDN is here to help.

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Brochure Folds and Pamphlet Folding Types Explained

    Paper quality

    Choose a paper stock that maximises the impact of your letterbox advertising. Which thickness of paper you use will be determined by many factors. Will you be printing on both sides? Will the piece be folded? What is the overall impact you wish to make? Our expert print team is happy to advise on the best paper stock to use for your campaign and the great rates we have available.

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    Size, folds and finishes

    LDN can create pieces of different size and format. Our dedicated print team can advise on how to use our range of paper fold options to maximise the impact of your letterbox flyer, promotional brochure or even your takeaway menu. We can also create magnet-backed pieces, perfect for sticking to the kitchen fridge.

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    Eco-friendly printing

    At LDN we care about the environment and offer many eco-friendly printing options. These include vegetable-based inks, recycled paper, carbon neutral paper, and paper stocks sourced from sustainable and renewable sources (FSC and PEFC certified). Contact our team for full details on the sustainable options available.

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