Half Fold Pamphlet and Brochure Design

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Half folds or bi folds may be one of the most simplest pamphlet designs, but sometimes that can be just what your business needs – especially if your design features large images as this design will help them stand out on the rack.
Half Fold Options
Half Fold pamphlets feature a single fold, usually in the centre of the page, creating two inner panels of equal size inside a front and back cover. They may be oriented in portrait or landscape and made from different sizes and shapes of paper stock for square, wide or tall finishes as preferred.
A3 pages fold in half to produce A4 pamphlets, A4 pages fold into A5 pamphlets, and A5 pages produce A6 pamphlets.
Pros and Cons of Half Folds
Half fold pamphlets are attention grabbers. Their larger size compared to most other pamphlet styles results in larger marketing materials that can help your brochure to stand out, however you should also be aware that your pamphlet might be too wide to fit inside some racks.
The larger panels offer greater flexibility for including more or larger images without the interruption of folds, and the simplicity of the design allows readers to take in information at a glance without having to turn through pages. This makes half folds suitable for promotional materials, restaurant and take-away menus and event programmes, but the layout is less well suited to pamphlets with a large amount of text.
Preparing Half Fold Pamphlets
When you are designing half fold pamphlets, one side of the page features the internal panels and the other side of the page is the outer covers.
For portrait orientation, all panels should face the same way up, but the front cover will be positioned on the right side of the first page and the back cover on the left side of the page. For landscape pamphlets, the front cover is positioned at the top of the first page and should be upside down relative to the back cover and the internal panels.
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