Gate Fold Brochure Design & Print

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Gate fold or window fold pamphlets make a striking impression on the shelf, with folding cover flaps inviting people to pick up and read your material.
Types of Gate Folds
These pamphlets are so called because of their gate-like opening flaps that meet in the middle and fold out from the centre. These flaps may be designed to lie opened or closed when flat, but they are usually closed for a flush finish.
Gate folds usually open sideways, but the flaps can open vertically if preferred. Gate fold designs can have a dramatic impact, whether you are producing tall, wide or square pamphlets.
Reasons to Consider Gate Folds
Gate folds are well-suited to artistic pamphlets with lots of graphics, especially as a stylish way to display large images across multiple panels when the flaps are opened. An enticing cover is essential to encourage readers to choose your pamphlet and see what's inside.
To ensure a seamless and professional look, gate fold pamphlets require accurate measurements and understanding of how your design will appear on the finished product.
Printing Gate Fold Pamphlets
When laid flat, gate fold pamphlets usually have three panels on each side. The central panel forms the back cover and the interior of the pamphlet, and this should be exactly twice the size of the flaps at each side.
Cover designs for gate fold pamphlets are split between the two outer edges of the page, and it's essential to check that these two edges line up perfectly before your pamphlet is printed. You should also consider choosing thick paper stock to prevent the flaps from opening too easily once they are folded.

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