French Fold Brochure Design And Print

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Versatile French folds combine folded panels with full-page graphics and presentations, and are ideal for advertisements, maps or greeting cards.
French Fold Options
In French folds, the page is folded both vertically and horizontally, creating a four-page brochure that can also be opened out to reveal a full-page spread. Alternatively, these inner panels can be left blank to save on printing costs, as the pamphlet will still benefit from the extra strength of the double fold.
What are the Benefits of French Folds?
If you have a full-page advertisement, newsletter or large graphics to display, French fold pamphlets are a good alternative to flyers as they can communicate with readers more effectively. Your full-page design will not have to be crammed with contact details, a call to action and other information, as this can all be included on the outer panels instead.
If you only want to print your pamphlets on one side, a French fold with blank inner panels will fit neatly onto racks and have greater strength than a single page.
French Fold Printing
For double-sided pamphlets, both sides of the page should be folded into quarters of equal size. One side of the page will fold out into a full-page spread, while the other side will feature the front and back covers and the two inner panels.
The front cover should be the bottom right corner of the first page, with the back cover in the bottom left corner. The two inner panels above should be upside down in relation to the covers and to the opposite side.

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