Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs are here to answer your questions about letterbox advertising design, printing and distribution. Contact us on 1800 010 012 if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Does letterbox advertising work?

The top retailers in Australia invest more in their letterbox distributions than any other media. Why? Because letterbox advertising is highly targeted, extremely affordable, and they say it makes the cash register ring. Read first-hand just how powerful letterbox advertising can be in the Case Study section of our website.

Can I talk to a 'real person' about my campaign?

You sure can! You can call anyone of our LDN local letterbox advertising experts on 1800 010 012 or leave an online message and we’ll call you.

Do you guarantee distribution?

To maintain our position as a market leader, it’s our absolute priority to sustain the strongest network of distributors. We work closely with our 18,000 distributors to ensure a high standard of delivery is maintained. 

I'm busy during the day, can I book online?

Yes, you can book anytime you like using our online booking portal. The intuitive LDN portal allows you to:

  • Create a new flyer online
  • Upload your own design
  • Brief one of our experienced graphic designers
  • Order print paper stock
  • Pinpoint your letterbox distribution areas with our integrated Google maps system

Does LDN deliver in my area?

LDN can deliver your flyers to most streets, on any week across Australia. We utilise the Salmat distribution network which is the largest and most experienced letterbox distribution network for unaddressed mail in Australia, capable of reaching over 5 million homes. 

Do you deliver to businesses or industrial estates?

LDN does not currently provide a distribution service to business/industrial estates, however, we can place a booking for you via Australia Post at an additional fee.

Where can I send my artwork?

If you’ve opted to print your promotional flyers or brochures with LDN, you can upload your flyers during the online booking process. You can also email your artwork through to - please ensure you provide your Job ID number so we can link the artwork to your booking. 

My flyers are already printed. How should they be bundled or boxed when they are dropped off to your warehouse?

Flyers can only be distributed if received in bundles, boxes and pallets following the below requirements: Bundles:

  • Must be in multiples of 50, up to a 500 maximum per bundle 
  • Must have the same number of flyers in each bundle
  • Must be cross-strapped (single-strapped bundles are only acceptable when boxed in uniform quantities and cartons) 
  • Must not exceed 8kg (cartons must not exceed 15kg) 

What is the lead time for booking a delivery?

As a general guide a letterbox distribution can be organised within six days of booking. We can also print and distribute your campaign (add another 6 days), and further to that we can also design a flyer for you (allow another 4 days).

So, if you are looking to distribute an entire design, print and flyer delivery campaign, we can bundle all that up from as little as under three weeks. 

I already have flyers. Do you offer just letterbox delivery?

Yes, absolutely! You don’t have to design or print your flyer with LDN for us to then organise the distribution. Call our helpful team or try our online portal to target your distribution areas and organise a free quote. 

How expensive are letterbox drops?

Advertising in the letterbox with LDN gives you better bang-for-buck than any other form of targeted local marketing. For example, LDN can help you organise a targeted flyer distribution to 5,000 homes for as little as $425. We can also help you with your flyer design and printing if you don’t have your own ready to go. Quote & book your entire campaign online via our marketing portal or call one of our helpful letterbox advertising experts today.

Is it better to do letterbox drops in big suburbs or the houses closest to my business?

We have access to special targeting tools to help you determine the best areas for your flyer delivery. We can pin-point distribution areas locally and target other key locations relevant to your business, Australia wide. If you provide us with some information about your target customers, we can also look up their demographic profile and tell you where they’re most likely to live.

Will my flyers be delivered with other materials?

Your flyers will be collated with other materials for customers who have booked for the same distribution block.

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