Double Parallel Fold Brochure

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Slender and stylish, double parallel folds are one of the more complex pamphlet styles, but they can be the ideal fit for detailed pamphlets and programmes.
Double Parallel Fold Options
This type of pamphlet has a minimum of four double-sided panels. The paper is folded roughly in half twice, with the two inner panels being slightly smaller than the outer panels that serve as the front and back covers.
Double parallel folds usually result in tall and slim pamphlets, but other shapes can be achieved using wider paper.
Why Use Double Parallel Folds?
If you are including a lot of information in your promotional material or programme, double parallel folds are an effective way to divide pamphlets into multiple sections that can be opened separately.
Readers have more flexibility to choose which part of the pamphlet to read first, whether it's the two panels of the inner fold or flattening out the four inner panels to see larger graphics or presentations. The slim design of these pamphlets also means they will fit into most information racks.
Designing Your Pamphlet
Double parallel fold pamphlets feature four or more panels on each side of the page. The front cover is the panel furthest to the right on the first page, the back cover is one panel to the left, and the other two panels on the first side form the inner fold when the brochure is closed.
The two panels on the left side should be slightly narrower than those on the right to ensure a perfect fit.
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