Double Gate Fold Brochure Printing

Similar to gate fold pamphlets, double gate folds take up less space on racks and open up more creative design possibilities.
Double Gate Fold Options
These complex pamphlets feature three parallel folds, creating four panels of roughly equal size on each side. The two side flaps open out horizontally or vertically from the centre, and the pamphlet may fold in half again to save space for a compact finish.
Deciding whether your pamphlet will fold once or twice is an important consideration when designing its layout.
Advantages of Double Gate Folds
Gate fold designs make for enticing pamphlets, and double gate folds take this further by encouraging readers to interact with your pamphlet even more. These well-balanced pamphlets can stand on their own or fit into display racks that standard gate folds may be too wide for.
While the complex layout of these pamphlets can help them to stand out from the crowd, this can also make them more difficult to design.
Printing Double Gate Fold Pamphlets
When designing your pamphlet, the two outer panels that form the central flaps should be slightly smaller than the two inner panels to allow for proper nesting when the pamphlet is closed.
If your pamphlet will be displayed fully closed, the front cover will be the second panel from the right on the first page, the back cover will be the second panel from the left, and the two outer panels will form the central flaps that meet in the centre when closed. The other side of the page will form one uninterrupted display of four panels when the pamphlet is fully opened.

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