Stay classy people: The power of classic design

By The LDN Team | 4 September 2017
Stay classy people: The power of classic design
BMW, Coca-Cola and Penguin: what do these brands have in common? Classic design.

There’s a lot to be said for staying classy. By establishing a classic design aesthetic for your brand, you can create some serious staying power and appeal to a larger audience. Look at BMW, Penguin or Coca-Cola. These brands have been around for decades without the need to completely overhaul their looks. 

So what is classic design? Classic doesn’t mean boring, out of date and stodgy. It’s a style that transcends trends to stand the test of time. Fashion comes and goes, but classic design doesn’t need to play those games. 

Want to achieve classic style? Start with 3 elements:


Classic style is all about the typography. Avoid a font that is too stylised, as it will only look outdated when trends move on. If you do choose a font with serious style, be like Coca-Cola and own it. The brand’s highly distinctive script typeface has remained a constant throughout its lifetime, while rival Pepsi has gone through many unmemorable rebrands. 

Bonus Tip: Never forget the golden rule for typography – make sure it is legible. 


Selecting a colour palette is one of the most important decisions you can make while developing your classic brand aesthetic. Blue is the classic king of colours, and appears in more than half of all logos. Why? Because it symbolises trustworthiness and maturity. Black and white is a classic, timeless combination, while shades of grey give off vibes of elegance too. 

Bonus Tip: Choose a colour palate that differs dramatically from your largest competitors.  


Imagery is a vital element of any brand. It evokes emotion and connects people to your brand. Classic design is all about simplicity, so aim to keep your photography and graphics minimal. This doesn't mean you need to be clinical. Running shoe brand Asics has rebranded and now uses its classic swirl logo in a colourful way, while Coca-Cola has been known to strip back to a simple white ribbon

Bonus Tip: Sourcing images for your brand doesn't have to be difficult – read our tips here. 

Here are more classic style icons for inspiration:
  • Goodyear
  • Canon
  • Volkswagen
  • Levi’s
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Veuve Clicquot

Finding a classic design that works for your brand may take time, but it’s worth it in the long run. Not sure how to get started? Our design team can help.

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