School enrolment: 5 questions to ask before you start marketing

By The LDN Team | 4 September 2017
School enrolment: 5 questions to ask before you start marketing
Roll up, roll up! The countdown to school enrolments is on. Will your school or kindergarten be at the top of parents’ lists?

Flyer marketing is a powerful tool in every school enrolment marketing campaign. Flyers are cost-effective, attention grabbing, and you can specifically target local families around your school or kindy. 

But before you press go on your flyer campaign, here are five questions to ask:

#1 How can parents see we are different?

You have to communicate the unique selling points of your school succinctly, breaking it down to the most basic level so parents can quickly understand the value. Do you have smaller classes with a tailored approach? Do you specialise in languages, have an exceptional sports record or a brand new drama and arts centre? Once you have identified your key points, make them easily digestible. 

#2 What are the colours saying?

Pay attention to your colour choice. The right colours can attract attention, evoke certain emotions, and help you send a message to your audience without using any words. Bright colours are great for nurseries where you need to stand out, while muted colours (especially green and blue tones) might be best for a private secondary college, where you want to give the impression of prestige and heritage. 

#3 Will images appeal to parents?

Wherever possible, use images of your students engaging in activities, such as science, art and sports. Aim for vibrant and dynamic images that draw your attention. Always make sure you have permission from students’ parents to use the image. If time is running out, it may be quicker and easier to use stock imagery. There are lots of websites to help you choose free stock images – take a look at some of our favourites.

#4 Can they find us?

Include a map and directions. If you are inviting parents to open days, explain the best parking options. Make life easier for parents and they’ll thank you for it!

#5 Is there a call to action? 

Tell parents what you want them to do in unambiguous terms. If you want them to visit your open day, direct them to book today by calling or emailing. If you want them to visit the enrolment website page, give a short URL to type in. Remember, your call to action also provides an opportunity to track the success of your campaign. 

Don’t risk sending out a flyer designed to fall flat. 

At LDN, our experts are ready to help you design a standout flyer, select the right print option and organise your letterbox distribution. 

Get more design tips on how to make your flyer stand out – our lead designer shares her secrets. 

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  • School enrolment: 5 questions to ask before you start marketing
    4 September 2017

    The countdown to school enrolments is on. Find out how to use flyers to be at the top of parents’ lists.

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