Get spooky with it: Halloween marketing

By The LDN Team | 4 September 2017
Get spooky with it: Halloween marketing
Halloween is around the corner so get ready to have some fun with your marketing.

Like Christmas and Easter, the scary season is a time where you have creative license to do something you normally wouldn’t do. 

Grab your hat and broom, because we’ve bubbled up some frighteningly good ways to celebrate the spookiest day of the year through Halloween marketing:

Decorate your store

Marketing doesn’t have to be elaborate; in fact, Halloween provides the ideal opportunity to go back to basics. So, carve up your pumpkins and get creative with cobwebs, because a well-decorated store and window display can be enough to nudge customers into your store and keep them there for longer. 

Let’s face it; a bit of Halloween goes a long way in telling your customers you don’t take yourself too seriously. If you can master it, try some Instagrammable pumpkin art for passers-by – cheap marketing at its best!

Don’t stop at the store – you can temporarily spookify your social media profiles and website too. Change the colour scheme of your cover photos, and add cobwebs and ghouls. Just remember to switch back when Halloween is over. 

Dress up

Dressing up is not only entertaining for your customers; it’s fun for your staff too. Research shows that celebrating Halloween at work is linked to high employee engagement. Jump into the holiday spirit by encouraging your team to get dressed up. Your staff will enjoy the change and customers will sense the extra energy in your store. 

Think of a theme to guide your staff in their costume creations. For example, a salon can use the opportunity to show off some crazy hair (Marge Simpson, Adams Family, etc.). Cafés can go for famous foodies (Matt Preston, anyone?). 

Dress-ups are the perfect opportunity for social media pictures too. For example, take the Southwest Airlines cabin crew member whose costume went viral last year – she dressed up as a Samsung Galaxy and joked that she wouldn’t be allowed on the plane!

Create a Halloween-themed product

Australians are embracing Halloween more and more. In fact, craft and costume specialist Spotlight enjoyed a 100% jump in Halloween sales in 2015 alone. So if there’s any time to try out a Halloween themed product, this is it. 

Starbucks is the master of Halloweeny products – the Pumpkin Spice Latte is one of their biggest marketing successes – so much so that, this year, even McDonald’s is getting in on the trend

You don’t need to create an entirely new product to entice customers. Why not spice up your drinks menu with Halloween cocktails or whip up ghostly cookies and cakes. Letterbox advertising is a great way to promote your Halloween-themed product offerings and get more foot traffic. 

Here’s some more fang-tastic inspiration from Aussie brands:

Coors: Last year beer brand Coors used Virtual Reality to send partygoers into their very own horror movie – a ‘Night of Frights’. The #coorshalloween social campaign reached almost 1.7 million people, with the prank video shared more than 170,000 times on Facebook. 


UberEATS: In 2016, UberEATS Trick or Treat saw the brand partner up with M&Ms to bring treat-sized choccies and last minute dress up costumes to anyone in the UberEATS cities who used their app between 12pm and 3pm on Halloween. Those already on UberEATS could pick up a pack for $10, while new users could get it for free by using the promo code ‘SQUADGHOULS’.

Carnival Cruises: One of our all-time faves (and most frightening) is when a 10-metre wide spider hitched a ride on the cruise liner in Sydney harbour. The giant redback was perched on the bow of the ship – a great trick by Carnival Cruises after their research found that creepy crawlies top the list of things that scare Aussies most! 


Love it or loathe it, Halloween is getting bigger in Australia each year. So don’t be a zombie – take the opportunity to create seasonal celebration and draw interest in your brand. It doesn't have to cost much and it will be a treat when it comes to bringing in extra sales! 

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