How to engage your team with marketing campaigns

By The LDN Team | 24 July 2017
How to engage your team with marketing campaigns

Have you ever walked into a store and asked a question about promotion, then watched awkwardly as the employee struggled for an answer? Don’t let this be your business. 

Your team needs to be knowledgeable, helpful, and excited about every marketing campaign. After all, your people are the face of your brand. If they aren’t excited and engaged by the campaign, how can you expect your customer to be? 

Your marketing campaign should be a case of all hands on deck. Engaging your team early and fully will not only dramatically improve your campaign results; it will improve your staff morale too. 

Here are 5 steps to turn your team into a marketing army: 

Step #1. Bring them in early

Employees want to feel like insiders – they want to know the scoop. So don’t wait to tell them about new campaigns; bring them in early. This will not only make them feel more valued, but also give them plenty of time to learn the campaign details and ask any questions. It also gives your staff a chance to provide valuable feedback. Remember, they’re on the frontline interacting with customers every day – listening to their feedback will pay off. 

Share the goal

Queen had it right when they sang about “one goal, one vision”. Employees have to understand what is driving the campaign if they are to help make it a success. Explain the thinking behind the campaign – what is it about, why you are running it, what are the goals? Make it clear what role they play so they have some ownership over the campaign. 

Show the visuals

Share the campaign elements, whether posters, flyers, emails or newspaper ads. This will bring the campaign to life for staff and create a buzz. People tend to remember visuals more than words, so seeing the collateral will help employees recall the campaign messages and avoid that blank expression when serving customers. 

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Roll out uniforms and badges

Will your team be wearing different uniforms and badges during the campaign period? Make sure you distribute them well in advance so everyone is ready to go on launch day. If you haven’t yet created promotional badges, take a look at how button badges can boost your campaign

Provide promo codes

Provide campaign codes to staff and make sure they know how to process them at point of sale. It’s critical to get this right if you are going to measure your campaign results. Explain any T&Cs too, such as offer start and end dates and any exclusions. This will save valuable time at the checkout, as staff members won’t need to keep running off to find the answers. 

Thank them

It is motivating to see how hard work pays off. So don’t keep the great results to yourself, make sure that all the team can see them. Show them how their great work and dedication is working for the business and, above all, remember to thank them.  


You have to engage your employees before you can expect to win over customers. By involving your team in marketing campaigns early, the result will be more highly engaged employees, better morale, and ultimately better campaign results. 

Make your next marketing campaign a breeze using the FUSE platform. To find out more, contact the FUSE team at or call 02 9008 8500.

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  • How to engage your team with marketing campaigns
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    Have you ever walked into a store and asked a question about promotion, then watched awkwardly as the employee struggled for an...

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