Where to look for design inspiration for your flyers

By Jill Park | 27 January 2017
Where to look for design inspiration for your flyers
Lacking design inspiration for your flyer? The good news is you don’t have to be a designer to create a flyer campaign – there are skilled professionals ready to take care of that for you. 

But you do need to know what you like and what you don’t like, so you can clearly brief your designer and get a winning result.  

So, how do you know where to begin? 

Use these tips and tricks to get inspired for your next flyer design project:

Get social media savvy

Social media has truly changed the way we find new inspiration. It’s easy to get caught up browsing Instagram, Pinterest and even Google Images for hours at a time. But these platforms are a great way to find new design ideas. Use these quick tips and you’ll be surprised where the search may take you:
Pinterest mood boards
Pinterest is a great source of flyer design inspiration.

Use keywords: Pinterest is all about organisation – it’s based on the idea of pin boards, after all. Search very specific keywords to find flyer and poster designs you like. You can easily create your own board to fill with ideas and inspiration for your campaign. When you find something you like, simply “pin it”. 

Search hashtags: On Instagram, take the time to filter relevant results by searching hashtags. These break down images into categories (e.g. breakfast, mountains, fitness). Don’t be afraid to get very specific with your search. Either search by type of collateral (#printdesign) or check out what comes up for your industry (eg. #hairdressers). Otherwise, just follow the hashtags wherever they take you. 

LDN Campaign

Look to brands you love

Next, consider what other brands are doing. Look to those brands you admire (whatever industry they might be in) and the designs they use. There are plenty of brands out there that have worked out how to use flyers to stand out and deliver customers. While you’re there, check out your competitors too – it’s important to know what you’re up against. 
Myer and David Jones signs
Myer uses a sans serif font while David Jones uses a serif font.

Creativity and uniqueness are paramount for today’s consumers. So, while looking at other brands, don’t copy and paste their design – instead, take some time to answer these questions. Doing so will help you when explaining to your designer what you like, dislike and why. 
  • Overall impression: What is it about these designs you like or dislike? Be as specific as possible. For example, is it the typeface, images, use of white space, etc.
  • Fonts: What fonts do they use? The use of serif or sans serif can make a huge difference to readability and style (serif has the little embellishments at the end of the strokes, while sans serif has a cleaner look). 
  • Colours: What colours do they use? Are they shades of the same colour, brand colours or monotone?
  • Imagery: What type and style of imagery do they use? Is it original photography, stock images, illustration? People or product images? Black and white, sepia, colour? This is a great opportunity to start thinking about how you will source images for your brand – this article can help. 
  • Branding: Is the flyer instantly recognisable as that brand? If so, why? What comes to mind when you think of that brand?

Know your industry 

Is there a certain design style used in your industry? For example, the colour red is popular for fast food outlets because it instills a sense of urgency, while the colour green gives people a sense of freshness and nature. 
Hungry Jacks
Hungry Jack's uses red and yellow in its branding like many of its competitors. 
Whether it’s colours, typography or something else, knowing what works (and why) will give you a head start in engaging with your audience. If you’re not sure, take a look at some of the leading brands in your field and see if there’s a common theme.  
While you’re aiming for a design that’s original and will stand out, always keep your marketing goals in mind. Ultimately you want to design a flyer that makes people remember your brand, and act. 

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