3 essential marketing tips for tradies

By The LDN Team | 15 August 2017
3 essential marketing tips for tradies
It’s a dog eat dog world, and you need to get the word out about your business if you’re going to compete. But when you’re rushing from one job to the next, you probably don’t see the need to market your business – let alone find the time. 

But nothing lasts forever, including a busy schedule. By building your local profile now, you will ensure that you are continually generating new business for years to come. 

Get started with these three quick tips: 

1. Go straight to the letterbox

It’s an oldie but a goodie – flyer your area. A letterbox drop to your local area can lead to more jobs and ignite repeat business. But don’t waste money on a sub-quality flyer – invest in a design that will grab attention as soon as it lands on the kitchen table. 

Try these winning tips:
  • Start by thinking about what makes you different from all the other tradies out there, and how you can prove it: Are you the most qualified? Include your certifications and years in the industry. Do you get the most referrals? Include testimonials (more on that later). 
  • Add an incentive to give people a reason to call you over other tradies. Slip in a special introductory discount or talk up your free no-obligation consultation. 
  • Make it stick. Magnetic flyers will go straight on the fridge, so your number is the first one they see when they really need a tradie. 

Bonus tip: Get more out of your budget by identifying the people who are most likely to be interested in your service. LDN can help you find your audience and work out the most cost-effective way to reach them.  

2. Ask for reviews

You could be the best tradie in Australia, but people may not believe you unless they hear it from other people. This is called “social proof” and it’s a powerful way to convert more clients. If someone can see a review and testimonial, especially from a client with a similar background, they are more likely to take notice. 

Here are three ways to get social proof:
  • Ask your clients to leave reviews on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. 
  • Send a personal email or call past clients to ask for a testimonial that you can add to your website, flyers and marketing materials. 
  • Invite them to do a video testimonial – the most powerful type of testimonial going. This might require some kind of incentive, like a gift voucher. 
Bonus tip: Your happy clients are more willing to give reviews than you might think – you simply need to ask. 

3. Offer something special for friends and family 

Any sales guru will tell you how it’s far easier to sell to someone who’s been referred to you by a happy customer than someone who doesn’t know you from Adam. The good news is it’s easy to make customer referrals part of your marketing strategy. Create a flyer for happy clients to share with friends and family – include a special offer to make it worth their while. Happy customers are your best sales people. 

Bonus tip: Include a note thanking your client for their business and explaining how much referrals mean to your business.  

Final word

Getting the word out about your business doesn’t need to be time-consuming and difficult. The trick is to focus on a few proven tactics and do them well. This will help you build a stronger business for the future, without taking on high costs and risks, or chewing up valuable time. 

Want to make marketing even easier? LDN can help with flyer design, print and distribution. Take the first step and contact us today!

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