Flyer pick: The Wimbledon Guide to Queueing

By The LDN Team | 15 November 2016
Flyer pick: The Wimbledon Guide to Queueing
The All England Lawn Tennis Club’s A Guide to Queueing might sound like a surprising candidate for our Flyer of the Month. But a quick browse through the 32-page guide reveals nothing short of creative genius.  

A Guide To Queueing is the All England Lawn Tennis Club’s 32-page glossy flyer for people queueing to spectate at the Wimbledon Championships. It contains everything you want to know about “The Queue” – which, for the uninitiated, is the only way to buy an on-day ticket into the championships. It lifts queuing above the mundane and into an art form. As a flyer, it’s become a collectable item. And as an example of creative flyer design, it’s priceless. (Check out the 2015 A Guide to Queueing). 

A Guide to Queueing - Wimbledon 2015

Wait… is it really a booklet about queueing?

Yes. To understand why the flyer is so successful, you need to recognise one simple thing:

The English love to queue

Only the English could conceive of creating a whole brochure about queueing. Queueing is an intrinsic part of the English culture, and something for which they are revered around the world. There are lots of worthy queues in England, but the Wimbledon Queue is in a league of its own. It’s the one queue to rule them all. In fact, it’s not actually called the “Wimbledon Queue”, its official name is “The Queue for The Championships”. And it has its own Twitter account

But every brochure must have a purpose. So what’s the purpose of A Guide To Queueing? 

Quite simply, it’s to keep people in their place. 

Half a million tennis-loving spectators squeeze into the Wimbledon Championships every year. This is rather less than the 700,000 fans who attend the Australian Open. But the demand for tickets at Wimbledon far exceeds the number of seats available. So how do the Brits keep their tennis fans from scaling the walls? With A Guide To Queueing, of course. 

Let’s talk about queueing

Like all great flyers, A Guide To Queueing contains relevant information for the reader. Within its glossy 32-pages, the brochure regales readers with essential information on The Queue, Queue Card, Queueing Procedures, Queue Code of Conduct, One Queue and much more. Read it from cover to cover and you’ll become an expert in the elaborate etiquette of queueing.

For example, it contains priceless tips on how to queue for your ticket: “You are in the queue if you join at the end and remain in it until you have acquired a ticket.”

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In case you are in any doubt, the bold text politely but firmly tells you that it’s bad form to queue jump:


It also features cautionary tales from the locals, such as, “Woe betide anyone who attempts to cut into the middle of the queue. Off to the Tower with you!” 

(Translation: Queue jumpers will be dispatched to the Tower of London dungeons).

In addition to all the crazy stuff about queues, the guide contains some other very useful information for tennis fans, including an essential Map of Ground, Eating and Drinking at the Championships, A-Z at a Glance, Provisional Programme of Play, Ticket Warning and more. 

Design and format 

From headbands to bra colours, Wimbledon is renowned for a players’ dress code that’s stricter than private school uniforms. As one of the most prestigious sporting events, Wimbledon protects its branding with eagle-eyed attention, and A Guide to Queueing is no exception. 

People recognise brands from a consistent use of colours. It helps a brand to stand out from the crowd and breed familiarity. That’s why the All England Lawn Tennis Club has reinforced its branding with the use of purple, green and white throughout the flyer. 

A Guide to Queueing combines design simplicity and brand colours in a way that is a delight to behold. This isn’t a brochure that you read once and discard; it’s a keepsake that you will bring out and share with friends time and time again (over a very English cup of tea, of course) as you recall the day you queued and conquered. 

Looking for more design inspiration? Check out our gallery!

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