Have you read these small business blogs yet?

By The LDN Team | 1 December 2016
Have you read these small business blogs yet?
Which blogs should small business owners be reading? We outline our favourites, covering everything from design, marketing to business.

Today’s business owners need to tap into a host of skills to build a thriving business, including marketing, sales, eCommerce, and recruitment, to name but a few. 

But unless you are ready to invest tens of thousands of dollars to get a degree in each discipline – and clone yourself a few times – you need a faster way to pick up expert tips and trends that will give your business the edge. 

That’s where business blogs come in. 

We’ve scoured the web and shortlisted our top business blogs to add to your reading list. Whether you use them to seek advice on specific business activities or dip in for inspirational examples every now and again, you’re sure to find these blogs a valuable tool for building your business. 

HubSpot’s Marketing Blog

HubSpot's Marketing blog is a go to resource for practical tips.

Best for: Everything marketing

Marketing is the lynchpin of every successful business. If you’re craving the latest thinking on marketing ideas, techniques and tools, HubSpot has it covered. 

Marketing automation specialist, HubSpot is one of the world’s marketing thought leaders, with a constant stream of reports, data and research on the subject. 

The blog covers everything from inspiring Instagram videos, Twitter success tips and how to write a blog post, to A/B testing, organising data and the secrets of influencer marketing. There’s also a Sales blog, Agency blog and endless eBooks and templates to download. 

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO)

Keep on top of the legal requirements of small business with ASBFEO
Best for: The legal side of business (taxation, employment, etc.).

Technically this isn’t a blog, it’s a website for SMEs, brought to you by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (formerly the Australian Small Business Commissioner). But it's simply too good to be left off the list on a technicality. 

The website is the go-to resource whether you're just starting out or need some advice on how to grow your business. It's particularly handy for information on topics like taxation, insurance, superannuation, and employees – in other words, the legal side of doing business. There are also links to help you find grants and assistance.

Shopify’s eCommerce blog

Keep up with the latest eCommerce trends with Shopify
Best for: eCommerce

There are 275,000 Shopify stores with $17 billion worth of sales. If that isn’t enough to convince you to take advice from these eCommerce experts, nothing is! This blog is a treasure trove of helpful tips for retailers of all shapes and sizes, from how-to guides on shipping and using video at every stage of the buyer journey, to eCommerce trends. 

Eventbrite Australia blog

Your event guide - Eventbrite
Best for: All things events

Want to know the top breakfast trends for conferences and meetings? Looking for unique event venues in your city? Or maybe you need inspiration for your event page? This is the blog for you. Brought to you by the global event gurus, the blog features news, tips and inspiration for anyone in the events game. 

Marketing Land

Read about the latest digital marketing trends on Marketing Land

Best for: Digital campaigns

A winning marketing campaign is made up of so many elements; sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. The team at Marketing Land has it covered. 

Marketing Land has the lowdown on every aspect of digital campaigns. It includes tips on search engine optimisation, marketing automation, building email lists, improving lead quality and more. Even if you only dip in and read a couple of articles, you're sure to pick up some tips that will add rocket fuel to your next campaign.

Canva’s Design School

Get design inspo from the Canva blog
Best for: Design

It’s not easy to come up with great design ideas. That’s where Canva’s Design School comes in. This is a great resource for anyone who needs some design fuel for their brand. 

Even if you have an in-house or external designer, the blog still has lots to offer – like tips on building engaging presentations, posting winning pics on Instagram, and creating infographics, to name just a few. 

If you want to go deeper, delve into categories like “creativity and psychology”, “design elements and principles” and “color theory”, which are guaranteed to feed your brain’s right side. Look out for the Graphic Design From Around The World series too, which puts the spotlight on design in places as far-flung as Mexico and Spain.  

Finally … add the LDN blog to your reading list for the latest news, trends and tips on local area marketing, letterbox campaigns, how to grow your small business, and more. Better yet, sign up to our newsletter to get the latest blogs delivered straight to your inbox. 

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