Who should SMEs be following on Twitter?

By The LDN Team | 7 March 2017
Who should SMEs be following on Twitter?
Twitter has 319 million active users each month, we profile our pick of the business people you should be following.

Influencers in the business sphere can provide game-changing information, advice and inspiration to help grow your brand. There are a huge number of people discussing the small business world – you simply need to know where to look.  

These Twitter users are known as ‘influencers’ and they can provide a springboard to launch your message into the social sphere. Imagine a person on a microphone speaking to a jam-packed MCG and you can start to imagine the sort of reach these influencers have over your potential customer base. 

To help, here are five social media influencers every business should follow:  

Naomi Simson (@NaomiSimson)

  • Followers: 31.6k

Naomi Simson is an entrepreneur, advocate for healthy workplaces, public speaker and mother. Now best known for handing out (or denying) wads of cash to entrepreneurs on ABC’s Shark Tank, she began her career in marketing before taking a leap of faith and launching RedBalloon in 2001. RedBalloon went on to pioneer the online experiential gifting world. 

Simson’s influence in the social media world isn’t confined to Twitter: in 2012, she was selected as one of LinkedIn's 150 global 'thought leaders' for its Influencer program – one of only two Australians to be chosen.

Follow Simson for: A gold mine of business inspiration and advice. She regularly tweets inspirational quotes for budding entrepreneurs, recent media interviews where she discusses her path to success and interesting news about her professional ventures. For more inspiration, check out her blog. 

Ruslan Kogan (@ruslankogan)

  • Followers: 17.5k
Ruslan Kogan

Ruslan Kogan is a savvy young entrepreneur and CEO of Kogan.com, Australia’s largest online consumer electronics retailer. When we say young, we mean it: Kogan held the title of richest Australian under 30 when he was 29 years old. According to the 2012 BRW Young Rich List, his personal wealth was valued at a staggering $145 million. 

It’s impossible to ignore Kogan’s business smarts – he is a vocal commentator in the tech space, writing articles for BRW, Forbes and Fast Company about everything from social media trends to the recently proposed Internet search filter. 

Follow Kogan for: A fast-paced feed filled with tech commentary and opinions, selfies with some of Australia’s most famous, and articles he has written full of entrepreneurial tidbits. 

Janine Allis (@Janineboost)

  • Followers: 49k
Janine Allis

Self-proclaimed ‘accidental entrepreneur’, Janine Allis is perhaps best known as the founder of the retail juice chain Boost Juice. She noticed a distinct lack of healthy retail options in Australia and decided to bring her ‘love life’ mantra to her start-up. 

Seventeen years on, Allis was named one of 15 people that changed the way Australia does business in the past 35 years. Australians watched her business nous in action when she became an investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, alongside Naomi Simson. 

Follow Allis for: A Twitter feed bursting with positivity and inspiration, entrepreneurial advice, personal advice about her healthy lifestyle and information about her latest ventures in media and business. You can find more content on her blog.

Stephen Baxter (@sbxr)

  • Followers: 21.6k
Steve Baxter

Tech investor Stephen Baxter is no stranger to start-ups. At just 23, Baxter took his life savings ($11,000) and invested it into a pioneering Internet service provider called SE Net. His business was quickly acquired by OzeMail, founded by none other than entrepreneur and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Baxter went on to launch many more technology start-ups and business ventures, while winning lots of awards recognising his contribution to the tech industry.

Follow Baxter for: The latest in digital commentary and advice, as well as practical advice for small business, information about events he’s involved in, and opportunities for small business funding and scholarships. His blog is a hub for more in-depth content. 

Richard Branson (@richardbranson)

  • Followers: 9.81million
Richard Branson

This man needs no introduction, but we’ll give him one anyway. The ultimate entrepreneur powerhouse, Richard Branson began his path like any other – a humble teenager with a big dream. From launching a magazine as a self-confessed nerdy teen, Branson went on to create the Virgin empire, which now includes an airline, telecommunications company, music label, a hotel chain and space mission – more than 400 companies in total. According to Forbes, Branson is now estimated to be worth US$5.2 billion. 

Follow Branson for: Fascinating snapshots of his glamorous life, information about his latest business ventures and a vast variety of blog posts bursting with advice for business owners at any level. 

What are you waiting for?

Whether you leverage influencers to drive engagement and awareness, or to gain ideas and advice to grow your brand, Twitter is ready and waiting. For even more marketing advice, follow our blog and sign up for LDN’s monthly insights and tips delivered straight to your inbox. 

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