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Why Is Mcdonald’s Red: Facts Every Small Business Should Know About The Colour Red

Did you ever wonder why red sports cars cost more to insure? Why new parents will avoid red paint for their baby’s nursery? And why fast food restaurants use red in their interior décor? The colour scheme you choose can dramatically influence whether customers are enticed to make a purchase from you. Here are some things about the colour red that you should know.

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7 Tactics Real Estate Agents Need To Build Customer Relationships

Relationship marketing is about finding and nurturing those people who believe in your brand and services. It’s about encouraging them to keep coming back for more, and to bring their friends along with them. Because loyal customers are your best salespeople. Here are seven tactics to help you build rewarding customer relationships:

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Dollars Off Vs. Percent Off: Which Woos More Customers?

Take 30% off or get $30 off? Or buy two get 1 free? When it comes to marketing your business, not all deals are created equal. The challenge for small businesses is to work out which words will woo customers and which will send them off looking for a better deal. So which is more compelling – dollars off or percent off?

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All You Want For Christmas Is… 7 Flyer Design Ideas To Give Your Business A Big Voice!

It might only be October, but let’s face it – we’re only a hop, skip and reindeer away from the Christmas shopping frenzy! Some of you may have already started planning your Christmas marketing. If you haven’t, now is the time to put your plans in place. But don’t panic! Our little helpers have come up with seven ideas to get you ahead of the game and make your letterbox flyer stand out!

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